Dies ist ein Beitrag meines Freundes Jon R. Nowheim. Enjoy.

True, we live in times with incredible possibilities. One can publish books, publish music, create videos, put them in the cloud and become fameous. It’s simple it seemes. Nearly everyone identifies with his job and has a career. The keyword is success, the credo of our times is: We are successful! And that is the curse. It doesn’t matter any longer, whether or not one truly achieved success, you simply have to be successful. That is the focus. I observe a serious competition. The one who’s yelling loudest wins.

There are two problems we have to face. First of all we need to understand, that we are more and more dealing with the surface, not with the content behind it. Second problem is, that we are beginning to hide mistakes. When we start to feel guilty just because we are not able to compete with the success of others, we begin to hide our fails. And exactly this attitude becomes more or less a social norm. So there will be a time, when the one with the best mask wins.

My point of view is quite different. First of all: success is a matter of definition. I have specific goals, I make a plan and try to achieve my ideas. One of my ideas was to learn dancing with my wife. I am not Fred Astaire and I’ll never be. Nevertheless I would consider myself successful. So success is an individual matter and not generally quantifiable.

Second: I learn from my mistakes. They make me stronger. Edison knew 99 ways a light bulb shouldn’t be built. Mistakes are wonderful because they are our coaches in life. And concerning weakness: we all have weaknesses. They make us individual and wonderful. The point is to accept them rather than trying to hide them.

My credo: Make mistakes and stand by them. Show your failure as well as your success and I will respectfully bow to you.

Jon Rupert Nowheim

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